seriously though no orci for stxiii here are some better qualified individuals to direct the next star trek film

  • leonard nimoy
  • william shatner
  • my neurotic cousin
  • a friendly cat
  • but how about literally any individual who actually gives a crap about the franchise and doesn’t consistently antagonize and belittle the fans of that franchise in a condescending and unprofessional fashion that reflects poorly not only on himself but on the franchise as well!
  • seriously.
  • come on.
  • leonard nimoy.


DON’T DO THIS. Orci is bad for the franchise. The fans do not like him. You will be giving the series to a man who has no fan support and who is not particularly good at this stuff and who has never directed a motion picture. This is Star Trek's big 50th anniversary. Do it right. Make a movie that respects the series and that honors the memory of Gene Roddenberry and his ambitious, positive vision for humanity. 

I’m also going over your head, Paramount. I’m going right to my good friend and occasional drinking buddy, Jesus. 

Jesus: listen, dude. I know you don’t like to get too involved. But I need you to step in this time. This is actually important. This is fucking Star Trek, man. I need you to take an active hand in this. Nothing drastic, just appear to a Paramount exec on toast or something. Do a Saul on the road to Damascus thing, let them see the light. In return I’ll lay off the Creationists for a week. Deal?

Guys, we may be looking at a personal fandom crisis point for me. Should I get my Star Trek tattoo removed? 

by Devin Faraci [x]

by far the best comment on this article is the one that links to this video

it says everything I want to say and more